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Frequently Asked Questions


Is BaumHouse design a general contractor?

Yes, we are your designer and your general contractor.  We provide the design, all products, materials and labor for your project.  As general contractor, it is our responsibility to coordinate the craftsmen and delivery of the materials to your location and to keep you informed throughout the process.


What if I already have a contractor to do the work?

We design and prefer to install the cabinetry we sell.  If you already have a contractor, we will provide you with installation plans for the cabinetry and support to the installer for any product we sell for your project.


What is the Design Fee?

The design fee is the professional fee for the designer’s time and concept, which offers a solution to your design challenge, similar to an professional architect or accountant.  It is separate and unrelated to the contract for the project.

I would like to shop and purchase my own product for installation by BaumHouse design.  Will you assist me in selecting what I need to buy?

Yes, we will assist you in selecting product, however our professional expertise is billed per hour of time spent shopping with you, or for you, when product is to be solely purchased by the homeowner.  Often times, purchasing product through BaumHouse design is your’ most cost effective means of sourcing product.  If you choose to solely source and purchase product on your own and forego the billed design time, we can accept no responsibility or offer an opinion on products for any reason.


How is the Proposal of estimated costs determined?

BaumHouse design sells product for the project as any design showroom or home goods retailer does.  We purchase product from various suppliers and sell to you.  We source product based on the investment you would like to make in your home.  Our pricing may include applicable taxes, freight or delivery charges.  Our business income is dependent on selling products and services to our clients. 

Why do you add 3% for credit card payments?

We offer the option of payments by credit card for the convenience of our clients, however as a small business, we cannot absorb the cost of the bank fees associated with payment by credit card.


After a contract is signed, then what happens?

After receipt of the first contract payment, your designer will order all product and schedule the installation start date based on lead time of products ordered.  All cabinets go to a warehouse and will be delivered to your home when the project is ready to receive them.  All other products will be delivered when the project begins or as soon as they become available.

Is my only BaumHouse design contact during installation, the subcontractor?

No.  When BaumHouse design is your general contractor, your designer will be on the job site the day installation starts to “walk through” the paperwork with the homeowner and installer and will frequently be seen throughout the duration of the project through its conclusion. You will always have access to your designer for any question that may arise during the project.  If employing your own contractor, we will support any design or product purchased through BaumHouse design as it is installed.


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